LED Strip Grow Light 5050 60LEDs with Dimmer switch Full Spectrum


3Red 1Blue
4Red 1Blue
5Red 1Blue
No Waterproof
EU Plug
US Plug

IP Rate : IP65/IP20

LED Type: SMD 5050

LED Quantity: 60LED/m 

Color: Red and Blue (Red:Blue = 3:1 OR 4:1 OR 5:1)

LED Wavelength: Red: 660nm; Blue: 450nm

Voltage: DC 12V


Length: 5M (LED Strip are soldered from pieces,packed with 5m,not quality problem)


Energy Electricity Saving with Higher-level Efficiency. HPS,HID,MH,Incandescent & Halogen Lamp

Full spectrum that is necessary & critical for plants growing & flowering (from seeding to harvest)

450nm Blue & 660nm Red  is accelerating leaf growing

660nm Red is promoting flowering

Perfect for Grow Box,Grow Tent,DIY Hydroponics,Bonsai,Garden… etc

Comfortable, Humanistic & High-performing

Spectral Range Effects on Plant Physiology:

280nm ~ 315nm influence on morphological and physiological processes is minimal

315 nm ~ 420nm chlorophyll absorbs less impact photoperiod effect, prevent stem elongation

420 nm ~ 500nm (blue) chlorophyll and carotenoids absorbed the largest proportion, the greatest impact on photosynthesis

500 nm ~ 620nm dye absorption rate is not high

620nm ~ 750nm (red) chlorophyll absorption rate “high”, has a significant influence on photosynthesis and photoperiod effect

750nm ~ 1000nm absorption rate, stimulate cell elongation, impact of flowering and seed germination

> 1000nm converted into calorie


1*LED strip light

1*Dimmer switch

1*DC12V 3A adapter

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